Canceling Superpass

21 08 2008

The ONLY reason I’m putting this on my blog is because I know that every now and then Google picks up tid bits from blog and they are searchable on the internet (a configurable option.  You DO NOT have to have this turned on if you don’t want to).

My wife asked me about a charge on our bank statement from RN Superpass.  The Lord had allowed me to see exactly what superpass came from the night before while I was watching something using Real Player.   So at first, I didn’t know what she was talking about and starting to get bothered because of something else I was going to have to track down.  Then the Lord brought the information back to mind.

Now I knew what I had to cancel, but you won’t believe how hard it was to cancel it!   The more you try to cancel the stupid service the harder they try to sell it.  My download and start of the service was inadvertent.  I picked it up when I put real player on my “not so new anymore” laptop and, most likely, forgot to check/un-check a box somewhere.  Since this is still the middle of the billing cycle the rep told me I had $10.00 in free downloads I could still use.  My thought:  “Great!  I’ll see if there is anything worth downloading.”  BUT!!!!!!!!!! Then I would have to reply to his cancellation e-mail to let them know that I really wanted to cancel it!  Of course, we argued back and forth until I realized that the real issue was the $10.00 in free downloads.  So I said,  “Listen.  I want the service terminated with THIS call.  I don’t want to have to do something else AFTER I get off of the phone, so keep your $10.00 in downloads.  Don’t you know he tried to push even harder!!!!   I almost lost my testimony over this one.

Finally, although it was against his will, I got him to see eye with me.  CANCEL NOW!  No matter what language you spoke (and no, his first language was NOT english…..are you surprised?) the message should have come across clearly in that two word statement.   So I got to get a laugh out of the whole thing because he puts in the cancellation request and takes off the $10.00 in free downloads and it STILL does not take effect until the beginning of the next billing cycle!  But I don’t have to do anything else and no other charges will show up on my bill.

Are YOU having problem canceling your Super Pass subscription (That you probably didn’t know you got?)  First:  Go to this URL:

Second:  Scroll down to the bottom middle and follow the instruction in the Cancel Subscription box.

Third:  When you get a rep online, don’t fall for the sales pitch, just cancel, cancel, cancel now!

Good Luck to you!




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30 08 2008

I just called actually to cancel my own account and it was terribly hard to understand the man that took my phone call. Instead of stirring up trouble, I will wait a few days for this e-mail to cancel. If I don’t receive it, then I will cancel over the phone completely.

I miss the days where no meant no.

25 09 2008

I detest companies that make you go through all that trouble to cancel a service.

That’s why I don’t feel bad about posting this cheat (found on another site) which allows you to cancel online.

Basically, you need to log into your Real account and change your “Location/Language Preferences” in your profile.

If you change your language to “English (Canada)”, your Zip/Postal code to “243-8511”, and your Country/Region to “Japan”, Real will then let you cancel your service online.

14 04 2011

THANKS! this was so helpful!!!

7 06 2011
Mike S.

Oh wow, that was really useful. You just saved me a seriously annoying phone call. Thank you.

15 07 2011

Thank you SO much!!! This worked perfectly:D!!!

25 08 2011

Thank you so much!! That was helpful. I hate dealing with annoying phone calls too.

25 08 2011

You are so welcome. This is my most active post. So glad to be of service to the many that have benefited from it.

27 08 2011
June S Taylor

Michael, may God bless you for helping all of us I-Net idiots who signed up for this “service” unwittingly. I’m never going near RealPlayer again.

30 08 2011

I am so happy you posted this Michael. Your method worked for me too. Companies like Real should be ashamed of themselves for trying to make people work so hard to cancel. If you sign up for a service online you should be able to cancel it online.

3 10 2011

Thanks a lot-It worked. I was about to call the customer-care but luckily I got to this page by Google search. I highly recommend this “Japan region method” to anyone who is desperate to cancel Superpass!

9 11 2011

You are a savior! 3 years after it’s been posted and still works. Thank you!

10 01 2012

thanx alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ı almost lost my hope to get rıd of ıt)))))

20 01 2012

thank you. you are the greatest person in the world. appreciate your help man

25 04 2012
Robin Simpson

Man ! All i can say is Thank’s . Money is tight , real , tight . I had to give up my phone,sell my car . my cable . all i got left is my laptop . then to get charged that . Well man ! Just thank’s .

16 10 2012

Fantastic! At first it wouldn’t accept the changes when I clicked “save changes”. Tried 3 times and got ‘cannot show website.’ Then put in information as you said and clicked cancel. It updated and worked as you said. Thank you so much – thanks to you they only scammed 8 months of payments from me.

18 02 2009

This was very helpful. I just found while doing some annual “cleanup” that I’d been charged monthly all year for the Real service, and never knew it. That was my own fault, ultimately. You are quite right- it’s challenging to cancel, but the woman I contacted (Bombay accent, I think), was very polite and did ultimately accept my request to cancel on the spot. Our own American companies have exported this bulldog business culture all around the globe. It’s up to us to fix it.

6 04 2009

Thank you I have been trying to cancel this membership for a year now.

7 04 2009

Thanks for the tip. I called the 866 number and go cancelled without too much of a hassle. I paid for this service for over a year not knowing what the heck it was!.
Thanks for the directions!

8 10 2009

i found your blog by searching to cancel the Real Player, thanks for the info. i was being charged without knowing it and realized it today! whoa. i have enjoyed reading some of your posts though, have a nice day! –cute kiddos by the way!

10 11 2009

thank you very much. that made it so much more simple. I have been searching for a way to get rid of this charge for over a year.

19 11 2009


I try the bank thay were as good as a chocolate fire gard

if you have done it right you should see this

You have successfully cancelled your SuperPass subscription. You will continue to have access to content through the end of this billing period

3 04 2010
Joyce Kidd

Thanks. Glad I read this before I called to cancel. I was ready for the sales pitch! However, I persevered and it went rather smoothly.

5 04 2010

Thanks so much for posting the link! Just went through CC statements and realized I’ve been charged for over two years on a card I thought wasn’t active! Just went through and canceled!!

A pain but it works when you’re persistent!

Thx again!

9 04 2010

Oh my, whoever “Michael (00:18:14) :” is you are incredible. I really wanted that cancelled and now it it. Thank you very much.

20 04 2010
Tom P

I never authorized rn superpass to bill my account but their doing it anyway. I’ve sent superpass several emails telling then to stop and gotten no where. I went on line to the Washington State Attorney General’s office and filled out an online complaint form. Next I’ll be filling fraud charges with my credit card company. Everyone ripped off by superpass should file a complaint with the Washing State Attorney General. You can do it on line. It’s fast, easy and fun. Do it!

21 04 2010
Karen Pelzer

Thank you for the information how to cancel a program I didn’t start in the first place. I did get it canceled and they said they would reemburse the over draft charge that the bank charged. I will be glad just to get this canceled.

21 04 2010

You are very welcome. I am glad that this post has helped so many people. I never fathomed it would have the outreach that it has, but after being caught in the Real Network snare unawares I wanted to make sure anybody else who was in the same boat knew how to get out of it!

12 05 2010

I just filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General as well. If everyone who has been burned by this company will file a complaint, maybe we can stop them from doing this to anyone else.

26 05 2010

You guys are lucky. I’m not stay in US. I cancel in the wed after i knowing they’ve already billing me a year. Though the process is so annoying, (when I clicked cancel, the feedback is “We’re sorry, but your session has expired”. But if I click changing billing information, I can easily go through), anyway, I finally go through. The feedback is “cancellation request has been recieved”, and I supposed that it is done. However, it came again when I scrutinized my bills several months later. Now I do it again.

God bless.

26 05 2010
Tom P.

I filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office in the state of Washington. The attorney generals office contacted superpass and the games ended. It’s real easy. You can fill out the complaint form online. Do it.It’s easy and fun.

1 06 2012

Tom, same thing had happened to me since may 2010. I would like to know what to do next. Thanks

9 06 2010
Ethel Castro

please cancel this account I never ordered it in the first place

30 06 2010

HI there, please read the blog entry to find out how to cancel. I am not superpass, I am just giving people information on how to cancel because I was caught up in the same dilema.

10 06 2010
Chou from Taiwan

I am also a victim of Super Pass subscription for three months, each for 4.95USD.
I phoned their customer service(1-866-2384-228) and cancelled my Super Pass subscription right after I found out the extra charge without permission. The staff cancelled my subscription right away and refunded me the last month’s charge. He said only the last month’s charge was refundable.
To confirm my status, I logged in my account again and there is no more superpass! Thank God I speak English!!!

30 06 2010

!!! –> An easy way to cancel is by using the “hearing impaired” link. I was connected immediately at 2am PST. My acct was cancelled by 2:15!! hope this helps. Here’s the link:

16 09 2010

Thanks forthetips. I’m going to cancle this pronto.

7 10 2010

Thanks! This took me directly to the India service center and they canceled the account and reversed the charges with no hesitation. A bit of a let down since I was ready for a knock-down-drag-out-let-me-talk-to-your-manager discussion.


5 11 2010
John Simpson

I was being charged fraudulently for this service that I have never had a trial of nor ever signed up for. The name on the account did not match MY name on MY credit card. They cancelled the service immediately, marking it as being fraudulently used, and suggested I file a dispute with my credit card company so it would be investigated. Wasn’t too difficult.

6 11 2010

All that I read in this blog helps to explain why Real.COM do NOT have any thing such as “See what our customers are saying!”. I could not locate such a thing as customer feedback, anywhere in their site. The only thing I can say for certain is that the RealPlayer appears to be very well developed!

24 11 2010

On 24 November 2010, I noticed a $14.99 (PENDING) charge on my MasterCard from
RN *SUPERPASS FROM REA””. I just disputed the charge on my credit card with my bank and Superpass is closed for the holidays. From reading the comments here and googling around, it seems this company could be from Real Player or McAfee and may or may not have the word express in the title as it appears on the card charges.
It also appears the charge appeared on credit card account whether they charged anything on the internet or not.

INDIA appears to be the new Nigeria for scams including this one.

24 11 2010

Chris (10:23:50) :

I just filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General as well. If everyone who has been burned by this company will file a complaint, maybe we can stop them from doing this to anyone else.

Thanks for the tip. I am filing a complaint against this company with the Washington State Attorney General RIGHT NOW!

24 11 2010

Here is the Washington State ON – LINE Complaint form. FILE against superpass.

2 03 2011

Thank you for this blog. I had checked my Visa account and then found I had been paying for this subscription for over a year. Can only blame my tardy self for this. The cancellation process went through smoothly over the telephone.
It was interesting that I was talking to a very polite lady sitting in the Philippines.

24 05 2011

Hi can anyone help me I’ve been getting charged $14.99 twice a month on my credit card for nearly a year now and don’t no how to stop it. I’m in Australia, dose anyone know a number or contact that I can contact to fix it . Thanks Yvonne

24 05 2011

Hi Yvonne,
This remedy from my original blog post should still work. If it does not there were a couple of other suggestions in user comments. Please try them. If you still don’t get anywhere, please let me know and I will be glad to help you find a method to beat this.

Are YOU having problem canceling your Super Pass subscription (That you probably didn’t know you got?) First: Go to this URL:

Second: Scroll down to the bottom middle and follow the instruction in the Cancel Subscription box.

Third: When you get a rep online, don’t fall for the sales pitch, just cancel, cancel, cancel now!

Good Luck to you!

24 07 2011

I’ve found that going online and using the chat works very well. They were polite and cancelled my subscription immediately.

27 09 2011

Ditto!!!! Calling is a pain in the buttocks!!!! (sorry that if we don’t cancel, we continue to have our CC charged repeated, even though we canceled several times. I personally think emailing is the BEST way because I received am email while I was chatting with the rep. She did NOT offer me anything (i.e., another month, $10 in downloads, etc.). It was very cut and dry, thank goodness!!!!

27 09 2011

Sorry for the typos!!!!!!

31 07 2011

Hey thanks a lot for this post. It helped me a lot and i called them and asked them to cancel my account right away. i don’t know how i got subscribed to that, a total mystery ..

they said they would return me one months payment as a curtsey, something is better than nothing, i thought.. 🙂

and please not that they don’t have a refund policy..

My Advice to you all – please use internet carefully and pay attention to your billing statements.

10 08 2011

I just wanted to let you guys know.. I had the same problem. I just noticed $14.99 coming out of my account for the last 2 months… I was LIVID. Apparantley when I signed up for Comcast I was automatically signed up for this service ( I still don’t know what it is, nor do I care). Which is bull that Comcast gave out my credit card information to another company. I called the number for Real Player and I right off the bat showed them my annoyance and disapproval with it. I told them I had NEVER signed up for it meaning I never authorized it.. she immediately offered to cancel. and Then I told them I was going to put in complaints to the BBB and she offered me my money back. All this happened in less them 5 minutes. So don’t be nice.. or else they’ll think they can get you to stay.

11 08 2011
Eric Branding

I had this EXACT same issue today. I asked to cancel my account. The woman in the Indian call center gave the $10 credit spiel, but I said I wanted to cancel it…she quickly mentioned the thing about replying the email.
I asked her to delete my credit card information. She told me that she would have to cancel my account if I wanted to do that. I reminded her that it was the reason for the call… Ugh! I wish American Express and Visa would help shut these places down…or at least force them to change their rules…it was a close call.

12 08 2011
Marko Bondurant

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2 09 2011

This “service” as aggravated me for quite some time. They are so slippery about how to cancel. At first when I tried to cancel I could find no information from the company at all. I tried cancelling the charge at my bank and as mentioned, that was no help at all.
Finally found this and have cancelled my account. I feel like a right idiot for paying all this time for this subscription I have never used…but then again, they are sneaky little bastards.

16 09 2011
francie cardinale

hello i want to cancelled my account with super pass i have now with the big brother show 13. i will reget it next summer. thank you . francie cardinale
i do not want to be charged for another month. thank you i will be waiting to hear from you . if you need me to contact you by phone send the number.

20 09 2011

I subscribed to this service when ti promised a very rare video archive, which turned out to be nothing but an archive of spam. When I DID finally call to cancel, as you have helped me with here, they were VERY helpful people. They even refunded my monthly charge.

27 09 2011
Andrea Low

I JUST emailed them and told them I wanted to cancel my live feeds “NOW”. I had NO PROBLEM whatsoever!!!! I have called in the past and was offered another free month, blah blah blah, but this time the email was sent ASAP. I’m SO glad I found this blog. Back in ’07 I was charged on my CC three (3) different times, and I did let the rep know this. Fortunately, I do not order the feeds until the day before the feeds/show start, so at least I do have a little leeway, as opposed to those who order two (2) weeks….that’s pushing the buck! Thank you again!!!! I have learned that emailing is the easiest way to cancel the live feeds. You have been a blessing and I am most grateful that I found your blog. God Bless your concern and assistance!!!

4 10 2011

thank you very much I’m from Mexico City and took 2 years trying to remove these idiots and thank you and I am closer to achieving

8 10 2011
Matt t

Just to let everyone know, i tried to go online to cancel and it had been so long since logging in i had to request a new password. i recieved an error message telling me to contact customer care. went to contact them online through a live chat just to get the password and ended up very easily being able to cancel through this very easy process. just another way to cancel i guess. i just hope it actually did cancel.

5 11 2011

Hi guys, I don’t even have a subscription and been charged for 12 pounds a month for several months until now. How can I get red of this problem?

Some one can help please?

7 11 2011

Guys please help me on this (I quote Erica response 53)

I am in Leeds, UK. I just actually called (UK number that I’ve been provided by my credit card centre) to cancel my own account and it was terribly. The man replied to me that they don’t support Rhapsody any more and refereed me to go on-line to this website: Actually I went to that website and tried every password I ever used and might use to log to “My Account” and it was useless, although 2 days back I checked this account because I rested my password and found no record for me or subscription for any service. This time, today, the password did not work!!!??? Therefore I sent them an email and waiting for any response.
I really don’t understand what’s going on here. will wait a few days for this e-mail to cancel. If I don’t receive it, Does any one have an idea what to do next???

It is really bad …

10 11 2011

Michaels 9-25-2008 post still works! Yeah! Thank you for this post. simple and easy and no phone call.

26 11 2011

Oh yes! I finally was able to cancel my account online! Michael’s comments still work!

7 12 2011

Thanks so much! Worked great. Also called my credit card company and they are working on removing the charges.

11 12 2011
Amy from Singapore

Thanks! Michael. Your tip still works. I just had my trial cancelled sucessfully today. However, I will monitor my credit card statement in case it is still being charged. Horrible Realnetworks!!

9 02 2012

Just noticed on my cr card bill, that for the last eleven month was charged $14.99 RN *SUPERPASS FROM RSUBSCRIPTION .
Called right away 1-866-585-4541, they said that I was accepted subscription as part of the promotional deal with Comcast, which i don’t recall.
They cancel account while i was on the phone, so i asked for full refund, they transfer me to supervisor, I said that, this is fraud, i am going to file complain with BBB, and Washington State Attorney General , he said that he will make an exception and refund money for 6 months, total $ 89.94 if I will accept this as a complete resolution of this matter. So i did. Don’t know who’s fault it is comcast, 3rd party affiliates when I was signing up, or Real Networks, but it’s definitely unacceptable.

11 03 2012

I just went through the cancellation phone call when I was going through my bank account and was told I signed up for some kind of free “trial account” last May (2011) and he even said that I was already in the ‘que’ to pay again and he didn’t know if it could be cancelled because I have waited too long and would have to make one more $15.93 payment! I could not keep my calm, and told him to send me an email within 24 hours and tell me what I paid for and to show proof that my “account” was cancelled! These people are crooks! I honestly cannot find any item on their product list that I have used over the last year! He told me I would receive an email cancelling the account within 3 minutes.

30 03 2012

Basically, you need to log into your Real account and change your “Location/Language Preferences” in your profile.

If you change your language to “English (Canada)”, your Zip/Postal code to “243-8511″, and your Country/Region to “Japan”, Real will then let you cancel your service online.

It still works, thanks a lot Michael!

22 05 2012
Florente L. Lamando

Can you cancell my billing about RN Real Player Superpass I pay it?..but I cannot used that?…Kindly abort this please?…I’ll almost ten months will charges me without uses it!

20 06 2012

Florente, I am not affiliated with Real Network or Rhapsody… Thank Goodness. You will need to follow the suggestions here to cancel this yourself.

22 05 2012
Ghent Wilson

Major Rip… they bill you MONTHS ahead, so even when you cancel you are screwed! It is May 2012 and they have already billed my through August… with no option for refund!

This is part of the Rhapsody organization, that seemed legit.


30 06 2012

yuk.. i am so pissed they keep charging me 6 months after i cancled the money is still getting took out my account i had a 15 day trial called right away to close the account and they never did

19 09 2012

I did not order anything and i will be talking to my lawyer.

10 10 2012
Isis A

You are better off cancelling by viewing your billing information and opting to unsubscribe online (in oppose to getting them on the phone).

13 10 2012

Hi Isis. Thanks for the update. I’m glad they’ve finally changed their system!!!!

20 11 2012

Thank you so much! I’ve been so stupid for 14 months paid 14.99 each month. Now I cancelled it. While I discussed with a card custom service person, but he could not cancel it.

8 03 2013
betty saunders

cancel my account with this program and put my money back into my checking account . ASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did not join this so do not take out anymore or i will take action against you. the amount is 69.95 put it back.

24 03 2013

Betty I am not a representative for super pass. My blog post is here to help folks fight them. You must take the steps in the original blog post or some of the suggestions left by others. They should clear it up for you right away.

21 04 2013

What a lifesaver! Thank you.

6 05 2013

You are very welcome. So glad that I have been able to help so many people.

6 05 2013
alexandre t woolridge jr

i need to cancel superpass. i don”t know how it got charged to my card.

6 05 2013

I don’t work for Real Player (Thank Goodness) just trying to get the word out since it happened to me to. I cannot cancel suprpass for you but if you follow my instructions or the instructions of some others who have commented you should be fine.

5 07 2013
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